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“I was doing time for armed robbery when I found out that my daughter had been killed. Her and my son-in-law had been doing hallucinogens, and he was choking her because that is supposed to make a better orgasm, but he cut off her air too long and ended up killing her. Instead of calling the police, he sat on her body for three days then dumped it behind a 7-11. I was so angry when they called and told me, I pulled up a footlocker that was bolted to the ground. I’m skinny but I’m strong as hell. My wife couldn’t take it, and she OD’d. They found her in the bathroom with one hundred empty bags of heroin. She’d fallen in the bathtub and hit her head on the soap dish. When they called and told me that, I tried to hang myself with my bedsheets.”


Though it may not look extraordinary, this is our most important NYC mineral, according to Jamie Newman (@jamienamnhorg) Collection manager at the Museum. The “Subway Garnet” was found in 1885 on 35th Street and Madison Avenue. Shot by @jnsilva #InsideAMNH

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